Euro India USA Golf Championship Cup ™



Laggud Sports Ltd ™ is dynamic growing and progressing by providing programmes for extraordinary people through our MEMBERSHIP. Like minded members get opportunities under our programmes to network internationally and form new business relationships and enjoy golf at some of the spectacular golf venues.



Laggud Sports Ltd ™ arranges golf & business networking events and experiences for our members at exclusive and luxurious golf venues in the UK, INDIA, USA and around the world. Laggud Sports Ltd ™ aim is to create opportunities for you to meet the people that you want to do business with. We want you to enjoy playing golf with like minded people along with your friends, family and colleagues and achieve more business at the same time. Laggud Sports Ltd ™ provides our members bespoke service assisted by our network of expert partners. We offer an event management service if you want to stage your own golf day and arrange luxury exclusive golf breaks and cultural and lifestyle bespoke experiences for you with our network of partners. Please contact us if you wish us to define and design a special experience for your organisation / group locally and internationally.


If you would like to become a member and join our exclusive membership, please go to our Memberships > Join Us page.


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